PELA 2000 Oil Extractor


Manual vacuum pump

The PELA 2000 is a scaled down version of our popular PELA 6000. With all the same convenient features, simply pump 5 to 10 times in a row to create a powerful vacuum. Then watch the oil drain neatly into the calibrated container.


The PELA 2000 is designed for those who have small jobs but don’t want to pay the higher prices of our bigger pumps. With a capacity of 2.5 litres, it’s ideal for small 4-stroke outboard engines up to 50 HP (depending on make), sailboats with small diesel engines (9 HP to 18 HP), and Jet Ski’s with 4-stroke engines. For homeowners with lawnmowers and other equipment, this value priced tool is essential.



Model: PL-2000

For quick, easy & clean oil changes

Requires just 5 to 10 strokes to create a powerful vacuum

Oil is neatly captured inside the container

Calibrated walls allow easy measurement of oil extracted

Pump is removable for compact storage

2,5 liters
(2.64 qts)


44,5 cm

height (assembled)

18 cm

diameter of container


This unit is designed to vacuum fluids from inaccessible or confined areas. It is ideal for oil changes on boats, motorcycles, outdoor power equipment, etc. Also handy to remove bilge water from boats, trapped water in plumbing systems, etc.


Small Inboards
Small 4-Stroke Outboards
Bilge Water

Power equipment




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PELA is sold in more than 12 countries in Europe.
You can contact selected stores for additional information.


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